WASH in Emergencies

Regional WASH Workshops to Strengthen Humanitarian Preparedness and Response Capacity

Middle East  I  Beirut (Lebanon)  I  October 6-11, 2018

Application Form
* indicates required
As stated in your passport.
...in case of dual citizenship, please indicate nationality of travel document with which you intend to travel
If your passport contains an Israeli stamp you may be refused entry to Lebanon
If applicable, please enter the name of the German WASH Network member organisation, which you are associated with.
Please describe in two sentences your motivation to attend the training.
To allow for a fruitful knowledge exchange we would like to give participants the opportunity to do short thematic inputs. This could be either presentations or short exercises on relevant experiences, projects, lessons learnt or best practice examples.
If you need financial assistance please enter estimated travel expenses, calculated on the basis of official offers (flight offers, local transfer fares). The workshop itself is offered free of charge. Local accommodation and catering will be covered.
Please note: The workshop is offered free of charge and local accommodation/catering will be covered. In addition there is a limited budget available to assist in covering travel costs for those organisations not able to cover travel expenses their own.
Please describe in two sentences your professional background. Please make clear why it qualifies you for the training.
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